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Consulting Services

Harper Media offers Elite Consulting Services to help businesses and associations with their entire online presence on both consulting and full-service levels. We are passionate about helping your business, association or the entrepreneur leverage digital marketing, social media, and inbound marketing techniques to generate more leads and customers. Alone or as an extension of your marketing department we can assume complete management of your website, or social media marketing program.

Call us today and we will be more than happy to put our experience to work for you.


Copywriting Services

Messy, unpolished copywriting makes even a beautiful site look sloppy. Vital Design’s writers can make your voice heard through website copy, blogs, advertisements, sales pieces and more. We don’t just write it–we research the SEO keywords your business should be found for and incorporate those words and phrases throughout your copy. And because we start from scratch, the copy sounds written by a human, not a keyword generator.


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