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Social Media Marketing is Harper Medias flagship service. We assist businesses and organizations in this space by providing both part-time and full-service social media management solutions. When we first talk with a potential client, we like to evaluate their current website, blog, and overall presence across social networking sites so we can come up with a solid plan that provides solutions for our client and attracts quality leads and customers. Let Harper Medias team of professionals assess what you’re looking for in a social media program and research where your target audience lies. We are dedicated to providing excellent insight and competitive analysis.

Whether you are interested in making changes to existing media platforms, or new to social media altogether, Harper Media is experienced in working with all skill sets. We often assist clients with no social media history. Don’t get left behind! Let our team of professionals assist you or even take ownership of your social media initiative. Pick 2-3 social media avenues and start building from there. Since most people and businesses are on Facebook, that should be a good place to start. Then let’s think about your audience and see where they are, is it Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram? YouTube? LinkedIn? Google Plus?

Increase your brand awareness. Your brand is the way in which your business or organization’s personality is communicated and perceived. The value behind the web that seems to slip by more people than not, is the power of the web in building, promoting and spreading your business as a brand name. The goal of branding your business online should always have this end in mind. Whether or not you’re thinking about it, your customers are.

Differentiate yourself as an opinion leader
in your field by sharing relevant content or publishing your own content. Social media is a promising tool because it enables us to put a human face on our companies and interact with customers in real-time, with more focus and precision than ever before. Leadership is, in itself, a powerful form of marketing.
The number one “reason” for companies not to get involved with social media is the lack of time. Outsourcing a social media manager is starting to make more business sense these days. Both small and large corporations find it difficult to keep up with the daily changes across the platforms. Providing stimulating daily content is one of the most important aspects of social media management. Our passion is to help you turn your social media into SOCIABLE media, so that you can connect with customers.


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We help businesses, entrepreneurs and associations with their entire online presence on both consulting and full service levels. We create interactive, modern, eye-catching designs across top social networking sites, blogs and websites that feature rich and enhanced functionality. We even assist you in managing these platforms which best suits your needs and your target audiences. We are passionate about helping businesses leverage digital marketing, social media, and inbound marketing techniques to generate more leads and customers. We have numerous packages to choose from, call us today to see what package fits you best!

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